Monday, June 29, 2015

Compliment or Insult?

I spend a great deal of my life these days with words. Between writing this blog, writing countless emails and texts and speaking with people, I am constantly trying to craft words so that they will convey what I mean. I, like many others, do not always succeed. Sometimes my words fail to make my meaning clear. Over the past few weeks I have heard or read a number of statements that left me wondering- had I just heard a compliment, or an insult? I would love to know your thoughts on these. Italics indicate that the word was emphasized when spoken. So how would you take if someone said to you...

  • Wow.  I have never seen anyone do it that way before.
  • Do you understand what he is saying? Because you'd have to be smart to understand all of that...
  • That's really good. I can't believe you wrote it.
  • I don't hate you for that, I love you just the way you are. I just wish you'd change.
  • You're amazing. You'd make a perfect boyfriend for a nun!
  • No, it's ok. I have seen you do it once before. I don't need to see it again.
  • That pie has a most unusual flavor. Did you make it?
  • She's prettier than a sunset over Newark.
  • I have met a lot of people, and there is no one else quite like him! He is so special!
As a people, we are so often quick to offer criticism and insults and very slow to encourage and compliment. Choose encouragement. Don't leave people wondering what you meant- use the language of love. Help make someones day. A special thanks to the people who do that for me and for others every single day. Life is much better because of you.

Because of Jesus,

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