Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Shout Outs!

The Ides of March are almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing- Julius Ceasar is going to die! But if it could mean two things, the second would be that it's time for a brand new edition of the Saturday Shout Outs! Spring has finally sprung in places that thought they might never see grass again, and here in Florida we're back into 80 degree days. Whatever your location and weather, I hope your faces are sunny and your days are bright! Now let's get busy and do some shouting...

  •  Tomorrow is the 12th birthday of the one and only Conner the Dog. Although 12 is fairly old for a cocker spaniel, our favorite mutt continues to be pretty lively- and a VERY early riser! He has asked for a steak and an ice cream cake for his party. The jury is still out on that one.
  •  Our prayers continue to be with the family of Wayne Gless (Springfield Friends Meeting) who passed away on March 3rd. Jane, Patsy, Ken, Gilly & Kaitlyn are on our hearts every day. When I wrote about Wayne last week (Remembering a Sweet, Sweet Spirit) I said that I didn't have any crazy stories about him. Marilyn reminded me that I was wrong. Once, during open worship at SFM, Wayne rose to speak about my work as the youth pastor and tell the congregation what a difference I was making in the lives of students. As part of the evidence he reported how Marilyn and I dealt with so many things, including middle of the night phone calls from troubled youth. Up until that Sunday we had rarely received such phone calls. After Wayne reported how well we handled the issue, they started pouring in! But that was classic Wayne- one of the most supportive church members we ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is missed.
  • Lately I have been overwhelmed by the number of former youth who have asked for prayers for their families as they deal with separation and/or divorce. I will not list names, but if you are one of those who has been crying out please know God hears your hearts, and I and many others are praying for you. Peace be with you, my friends.
  • I saw on Facebook where June Crotty (FUMC-Kissimmee) passed away this week. June and her husband Clyde were driving forces in that church for many years. They gave us use of their lake house one Sunday every summer for a Breakaway and we always enjoyed their company. Their grandsons Wayne and Kendall were active (and quite entertaining!) members of our youth family as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
  • There was a rumor going around this week amidst all the crazy wheelings and dealings in the NFL that the New Orleans Saints might trade the incredible Drew Brees to my lowly Buccaneers. I know it won't happen. But please, just let me bask in the glow of that glorious rumor for a few days before shooting it down. Drew Brees is a great football player and a class act. The Bucs have very few of either these days...
  • So this week we found out that the Walt Disney Company plans to rename the Disney Hollywood Studios (again); make a live action Dumbo movie (Did someone discover an actual flying elephant? If not, this is a DUMB idea!); and that Frozen 2 (the original has already taken over the them parks) has been given the green light. Suddenly being banned doesn't hurt quite so much!  LOL
  • I'm currently reading the new book from my old friend Brent Bill (Quaker Lake & lots of other Quaker things!) and Jennie Isbell. It's called Finding God In The Verbs- Crafting a Fresh Language of Prayer and so far it absolutely wonderful! If your prayer life needs a swift kick in the butt, this book will supply the foot. Available on Amazon.
  • 2o years ago I could have named the starting line-ups for every ACC team as they headed into the annual ACC basketball tournament. This year I cannot name a single player who doesn't play for UNC or Duke. I'm not watching at all. It's finally happened- I've become a full-fledged Floridian, more interested in Spring Training baseball and off-season football than college basketball at tournament time. I weep for myself. I do still hear news just let me say GO HEELS!
  • And finally...most of you know that I was blessed with 2 wonderful parents. You also know that I was "raised" in jr. high and high school by a youth group family that made me so much of who I am today. We found out yesterday that a member of that family is very sick. For now I will leave this an anonymous request. We pray for healing and peace for my friend and their family. Please join me.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. 

Because of Jesus,

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