Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Keep Doin' the Walk

We all know people who can tell great stories about their accomplishments in life. These tales often thrill and enthral us, and make us a bit envious that we have not achieved as much or do not have such wondrous stories to share. But let's be real. Many of us (and I do mean US- I am as guilty as anyone of this) like to spice up our stories so that they make us sound more exciting, more accomplished or more significant. It's fun to think that we have soared with eagles or run with the big dogs. We may not actually lie, but there are times when we all remember BIG. In the world we live in it sometimes seems more important to be able to talk a good game than to have actually played it.

This is often true when it comes to our spiritual journeys as well. If we can recite the right creed, memorize the right scriptures and give the right answers to all the regular questions, then we must be doing it right...right? All of those things can be helpful. But when it comes to being on the #NarrowRoad, it's not about talking the talk. It's about walking the walk. The scripture in Micah 6:8 asks the big question: "What does the LORD require of us?" The answer doesn't say that we should talk about how much we love God or love others. The answer involves walking. We are to "do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God." It's not about telling the best stories. It's about doing the right things.

In John 13, while in the Upper Room, Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. This scripture always amazes me, but in a recent revisiting I was struck with something new (to me). The Messiah chooses to wash feet (and feet were disgusting enough with dirt roads and sandals) BEFORE sending Judas away. He washed the feet of the betrayer right along with the rest. He included everyone from betrayer to tax collector to fisherman. As he did throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus was reminding us that to love like him, to follow the #NarrowRoad, we have to be inclusive. We have to be forgiving. And we have to be sacrificial. It's never about us. It's about doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God. If we are excluding people, holding grudges, seeking vengeance or living a selfish life, then I have bad news for us. We ain't doing the walk...

Steven Curtis Chapman has long been a favorite of mine, and the song below is on my top 5 list of SC2 hits. It is a reminder that quite often our best steps on the #NarrowRoad occur when no when is looking. Quite often the more we talk about our walk in ways that bring glory to us, the less significant they become. Steven sings about his time "on the big bright stage." He does his thing and people yell and scream their approval. But the big question is this: "But when the music stops- am I doing the walk?" 

This series (with a new post every Tuesday) was inspired back in December by a couple of church signs that reminded me how much easier it is to claim to be a Christ-follower than it is to actually be one. Yes, we need to share our faith, and as Saint Francis once famously said, "if necessary, use words." But more than that- so much more than that- we've got to keep doing the walk! Enjoy the song and have a blessed day, beloved of Christ!

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Anonymous3/17/2015

    I am seriously loving this series, Carl. A sermon every Tuesday...


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