Friday, December 26, 2014

Twas the Night After Christmas 2

Last year I wrote and posted a poem that summed up my Christmas day and called it Twas the Night After Christmas. It was such a hit that it seemed worth it to give it another try this year. There are differences; last year Marilyn was traveling to NC by herself to visit her family on the 26th. This year I'm going with her. But still, as I write this on Christmas night, the joys of the day have been many. So here we go. As always, I apologize to real poets everywhere...

Twas the night after Christmas and here at our place
I've spent the whole day just stuffing my face!
Shrimp & Crab Casserole and sausage balls galore
and leftover hot dogs from the holy night before
There were presents aplenty with gifts from each other
And OH- I got the box set of How I Met Your Mother!
There was Pandora and movies and clothing and cash
and ornaments for all, including one that says "Hulk smash!" 
The Muppet Christmas Carol was our afternoon movie 
with Michelle seeing it for the first time- how groovy!
There were tweets, texts and calls from family and friends
Reminding that the love of this day never ends
Christmas is a time of peace and of love
of remembering the gift God sent from above
But it's also a time to reach out to a friend
with a hug you can give or a text you can send
We can all make the world a bit warmer place
by putting a smile on a dear old friend's face
In the morning we'll head for dear old NC
With family to visit and old friends to see
We'll enjoy the blessings and keep feeling the glow
that has nothing to do with a gift or a bow
So enjoy your new toys and your sweet families
Enjoy your last days with your own Christmas trees
Miss me this week while this blog I don't write
Merry Day after Christmas- and to all a goodnight!

Thanks for making 2014 another year to remember here at I'd Laugh...  I may or may not be able to post this week from NC, but you will continue to be in my thoughts and my prayers. Much love to all!

Because of Jesus,

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