Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale!

Today is Cyber Monday, the day when consumers all over the world are encouraged to shop online and when companies offer up great deals and savings. While my little blog is not normally a for-profit operation, I enjoy joining the rest of the online community in this effort today. So here it is, my huge blog blowout sale! The items advertised are all collectors items and only available here. Truthfully, they have been available here for several years, as this is the EXACT same sale as last year's Cyber Monday! To order, just leave a comment and let me know what you want. And be sure to read the fine print at the bottom. Purchase our entire inventory and I'll throw in a special Dave Ramsey Credit Card that electrocutes you every time you try to use it! Happy shopping!!!

* Item #20000- Vintage Pork 'n' Beans- This one-of-a-kind item was purchased by my lovely wife on a whim many years ago- in a Walgreens! It has since occupied a place of honor in our pantry, with no real risk of being consumed. It has also been given to her as a joke stocking-stuffer each of the past 2 years, providing hours of entertainment for Will and I. They passed their expiration date over 2 years ago, making them quite the collectible- so act now!  $13.43 

* Item #21560-  Autographed Commodores Album Cover- Featuring the only white guys ever to sing with the fabulous soul quintet, this collector's item was presented to me by band members Charles Freedle and Mike Mercadante in 1994. It is the only one of its kind. The street value is around $5000- but you can get it today for only $2.17!  Also includes an interview with Charles- "My Life With Onell Rich." Order now!

* Item #22098-  Bubba the Mooning Man-  Presented to me after the Myrtle Beach trip in 1999 by some of the girls of Kissimmee, this special little guy will "moon" the person of your choice, and when he shows his butt you see the autographs of such famous youth alumni as Erica SoutherLindsey Lupfer, Rachel Autrey and Sarah Whitman.  Great for long trips and offending your Grandma.  Price- $17.50  $2.01 And if you act now, we will include an autographed picture of a certain Youth Ministry Intern streaking at the Ocoee River. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss $2.01 goodbye!!!

* Item $20987 - A Box of VHS - For one low price you can acquire many of your favorite old movies in classic low definition VHS! Over 40 titles for one low price. including many of the best Disney animated films and others you can see here, as well as masterpieces like George of the Jungle and Grease 2! If you order before midnight tonight, I'll throw in some music as well. Credence Clearwater Revival's Greatest Hits- on 8 Track tape!!! You won;t find a better deal this side of a trailer park yard sell in south Georgia... Was $ only $19.99!

* Item #20734- Pagan Eye For the Christian Guy CD-  The original recording of me presenting my seminar at the NYWC in Atlanta in 2004.  At the time, dozens of copies were made and at least 3 were sold- because I bought them!  Now you can own your very own at the very special price of $0.03 per copy.  Act now- zombies are everywhere!

* Item #21666-  Bubba's Greatest Hits-  The early songs of Carl "Bubba" Jones (that's me!), including the classics that made him famous, like The Animal SongWhy? and Mama Was A Rock'N'Roll Singer & Daddy Used To Write All Her Songs. Also includes the cassette tape of the classic Four Songs, Two Fools project, recorded live at Quaker Lake with Alan "Flash" Brown. Act now and receive a DVD.  It's blank.  Isn't it amazing how much young Bubba looks like young Justin Bieber? Today only, this box set is priced to move at $20.00 $10.00 Make an offer!

Order Now!  Sale ends at Midnight om December 1, 2020!

*Prices may vary in Utah and Mississippi. Why does anyone still care what Sarah Palin thinks? Offer void in Canada. Some items do not actually exist. Why do we park in the driveway and drive on the parkway? Why are perms temporary? Half a bee must also half not be. Are thongs one size fits all? Santa Claus is watching YOU...

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