Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Is Just the Beginning

"In the first light of a new day 
no one knew he had arrived,
Things continued as they had been
while a newborn softly cried..."

Merry Christmas! As we celebrate with family and friends today it is important to remember once again that Christmas is all about Jesus. This day we celebrate the beginning of the greatest love story ever told, of how God sent His only Son to save us from ourselves. But the story does not end there. The life of the man we call Jesus should change the way we live. His death should teach us much about sacrifice. But first and foremost, we are a Resurrection People. The Christmas story and the Easter story cannot and must not be separated.  Over the years, the song In the First Light (quoted above and below) by the group GLAD has become one of the most meaningful songs in my life. My prayer is that this video will stir your heart this last week of the holiday season to worship not only the babe in the straw, but the risen savior of the universe. As Christ-followers, we much never forget this truth:

"Hear the angels as they're singing 

On the morning of His birth,
But how much greater will their song be
When He come again to Earth...
When He comes to rule the Earth!"

Merry Christmas, one and all!!!

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