Monday, November 3, 2014

A Political Parable

Tomorrow is Election Day, a day when everyone who can should get out and vote in their local elections. It is also a high holy day for many of us, because after tomorrow we will get a break from the annoying, hateful, I-can't-believe-they actually-sway-anyone campaign advertisements. Like many of you, hearing how terrible the opposing Candidate B is without ever hearing any legitimate reasons why Candidate A is any better makes me a little crazy. Here in Florida the nastiest battle has been the one for governor between incumbent Rick Scott and former governor Charlie Crist. It's been ugly for 18 months now, and has gotten worse as tomorrow approaches. At this point I find myself hoping that they both lose. How bad is it? The following is a parable- but just barely. It could easily be a true story...and either candidate could be the guilty party!

Charlie Crist was holding a press conference by the pool at a local resort when a young boy of about 10 found himself in water over his head and began to thrash about and scream for help. As others panicked, Crist calmly turned, surveyed the situation, and began to walk across the pool- on the water! He reached down, pulled the boy up, and carried him to safety. The gathered crowd could not believe what they had just seen. The former governor had walked on water. Some were amazed at this miraculous feat and wanted to proclaim him Saint Charlie. Others scoffed at the whole thing, asserting that it was clearly some sort of plot to allow him to show off for the cameras. It was an amazing scene.

The next day the Rick Scott campaign released a new attack ad. There was no mention of the little boy or the rescue. There was simply footage of Crist walking across the pool, with a very serious Darth Vader-like voice narrating the following:
Florida is a peninsula, surround by water on 3 sides. Rick Scott was in the Navy, and is very comfortable around water. Charlie Crist? He claims he can walk on water. But here's the truth, Florida...he only did it because
Charlie Can't Swim!!!

Political ads all over the county are almost that ridiculous. Voting is supposed to be a privilege. These days it far too often just seems like the end of our misery- until the 2016 presidential primary campaigns kick-in. Next week...  

Have a happy Monday, and please, if you are able tomorrow, get out and vote!

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