Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Shout Outs!

Is is just me, or is the world just totally out of whack these days (Just out of curiosity, what would mean if we said the world was "in whack?" Would that be better or worse? I have no idea...)? Every time we turn around there is more violence, more scandal, more sadness and more stuff that I could fix if people would just let me!  :)  So into the mess that is Planet Earth in 2014 I inject the peace, love and humor of my Saturday Shout Outs! Along with a complaint or two.. Here we go!

* This morning, perhaps even as you read this, Marilyn and I are having brunch with Jennifer Wood Jones (Springfield Friends Meeting) and her hubby Brian here in Tampa. They are leaving on a cruise from the local port later today and we are thrilled to get to see them. Jennifer was one of the first inductees into my Youth Group Hall of Fame and is famed in story and song as Woodhead - a shy teenage girl until the fateful day she beat Jamie Robinson over the head with a Bible at youth group and became a legend. It's been way too long since I have seen her, and I am excited beyond words to get a chance to visit with her and Brian this morning!

* I got to eat some pizza and have a nice long visit with Wayne & Janet Cook (FUMC-Kissimmee) on Thursday night after driving Will and company to a concert in Orlando. It s so exciting to hear the plans and dreams Pastor Wayne has for my old church, and my prayers are certainly with him (and Janet) as he faces the challenges and struggles of pastoring. We intend to head over soon and hear him preach- and see lots of other old friends as well.

* The box set featuring all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother is being released this Tuesday, September 23rd. Many of you know of my fondness for the show, and while the set will not have all of the extras I asked for on this blog last Christmas (see The Ultimate Gift Set) I am still very excited about it. And my birthday is coming soon! I was a little disappointed to learn it will not be released on blu ray- it's dvd only- despite the fact that the entire series was shot in high definition. I tweeted the other morning asking if anyone knew the reason for this, and heard back directly from none other than Carter Bay, co-creator of the show and the man on whom the character of Ted was based. He was disappointed too, but pointed out it will still be in widescreen format so it should be fine. I got 4 tweets from him that morning. I just might be cooler that you...   :)

* It looks like I am going to be driving to GreensboroNorth Carolina (by myself) October 8th and driving back on the 13th. I have a few plans, but I am trying to leave my schedule pretty wide open so I can see as many people as possible. If you would like to see me during my visit give me a shout. I can't wait to finally get in some visiting in the Tar Heel state!

* The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an embarrassment to their fans, their city, and everyone who ever wanted to be a pirate with their poor play on the field. The NFL in general is just an embarrassment. Period. Apparently the only people players are not allowed to hit are quarterbacks during games. The league is just a disaster- and Roger Goodell (at right) must go! And while I'm at at it- YO, Jameis Winston! Get your act together and please JUST. SHUT. UP.

* ICYMI, yesterday's blog featured a game of I Have Never in which one of the things I listed was a lie. Here's the truth...and please don't hate me. I have watched Dance Moms. Oh the humanity! The circumstances elude us both now, but my friend Lisa Jewett (Wesley Memorial UMC) somehow talked me into it. I feel great shame. Beware the power of Lisa!

* Lots of prayers going up these days for dear friends. I'm praying for Cyndi Reep Browning (FUMC-K) as she searches for a new job, and her sister Teresa Tysinger as she deals with the excitement and stress of having her hubby work on Broadway while she and Emma live in Texas. From that same group I remember Lisa Kraus Spires as she struggles potty training her daughter Abby; Lauren Carr Cacciatore & family as they start fresh with a move to Pennsylvania; and Jennifer Minnigan Kuramochi who had been dealing with a herd of sick family members! Jerry & Melissa Hanbery are remodeling their home, and apparently the port-a-potty in the front yard has worn out its welcome. Ashley Goad (Springfield) is off to South Africa and then back to Haiti for more mission work. Erin Moran Hill (Springfield) and Stephanie Potter (FUMC-K) have been on my mind as well. And my old friends Beth & Bob McGalliard are leaving soon for France! Pray with me, won't you?

* And looks like the people who were backing out of buying the house on our circle because I live in the neighborhood were convinced to purchase anyway. I'm happy for the sellers and glad they buyers listened to reason. Thanks for all of the warm thoughts so many of you shred with me as I struggled with another face smack from reality. God is good. ALL the time!

Have a blessed Saturday, dear readers. And remember, tomorrow is the International Day of Peace. Find peace in your hearts. Seek peace in broken relationships. Pray for peace in our world. Shalom, my friends,

Because of Jesus,

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