Friday, September 19, 2014

Never Have I Ever...

Did you ever play the game I Have Never...? We used to play it quite often in some of my youth groups. There are probably some of you who read that last sentence and are feeling a bit of moral outrage, because for many people Never Have I Ever (the other name it is known by) is a drinking game- quite unsuitable for middle and high school students! The concept of the game is simple. Each player receives an equal number of shots beers M&Ms, and then every person gets a turn. You go around the group and everyone says something that they have never done, and each person who HAS done that particular thing must do a shot....or in our case eat some candy. For example, if someone says "I have never gotten a tattoo" then everyone present with a tattoo must eat one M&M. The last person with candy remaining wins. It's a fun game, although playing with teenagers required some specific guidelines so as not to create too much embarrassment. You were not allowed to say anything of a sexual or illegal nature when we played, or to say things that you knew applied to only one person in the group. But it was a great way to learn new things about the people in the group.

Today I thought it would be fun to combine I Have Never with another great youth group game, 4 Truths and a Lie. I will list a number of things that I have never done, and you can play along and see how you would fare if you had to do a shot every time I say something you have done. And just to spice it up, one of the things I list will be a lie- something I HAVE done. So play along, let me know how you did and your guess for the one lie. And if you do actual shots, please send me the video! Here we go...

  • I have never been to San Francisco
  • I have never watched Dancing With the Stars
  • I have never had coffee from Starbucks
  • I have never hunted any living thing with a gun. Just SPAM
  • I have never watched Dance Moms
  • I have never eaten duck
  • I have never owned an Apple phone, computer or pad
  • I have never milked a cow
  • I have never been to Spain. But I kinda like the music...
  • I have never jet skied
  • I have never watched Grey's Anatomy
  • I have never owned an electric guitar
  • I have never been to Idaho
  • I have never watched Survivor
  • I have never drank a Red Bull
  • I have never seen U2 live in concert
  • And yes...I have never gotten a tattoo!
There's my list. Leave your own I Have Never in the comments, guess the lie,  and let's have some fun! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Anonymous9/19/2014

    I have never eaten Rice Krispies, And your lie has to be the Red Bull thing. You used to be a youth pastor for pete's sake! ~ Chris Cooper

    1. That's a good one, Chris. And nope- the lie not the Red Bull. Next guess!!!


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