Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Very Animated Dinner

Back in 2011 I wrote a post in which I talked about 7 characters from TV shows past and present I would love to have to a dinner party.  In that post I mentioned that "coming soon" would be a similar post with animated dinner guests. I don't know if a year and a half counts as "coming soon" or not- but in any case, here is my list of cartoon guests sure to make for a fabulous dinner party!  These all come from TV as well, and a few of them will remind you that I am old.  I was very picky about who to invite. For instance a number of superheroes were left out simply because no one wants Aquaman at a dinner party.  You can't serve seafood!  I also left out characters who were primarily from movies.  They will have to wait for their own list. With some of the more ensemble 'toons (think Rugrats, Peanuts, Tailspin, The Flintstones) I couldn't decide which character to invite, so I invited no one. And they must be able to carry on a converstaion, which accounts for the astonishing absence of any Pokemon.  So here is my list.  Get ready for random...

1)  Bugs Bunny-  An easy choice. Bugs would keep the conversation lively and most likely cause a bit of trouble.  Plus all you need to eat are carrots and he is happy. It would be impossible to have a dull dinner party with Bugs Bunny a a guest. Plus if Bugs is there, you know that Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd are not far behind. "Rabbit season!" "Duck season!"  And we have our entree...
2)  Timmy Turner-  Not only is Timmy quite a guy, but his Fairly Odd Parents would tag along!  If things got slow, Timmy could just wish things to be better and Wanda and Cosmo would get this party started!  Or wreck it. Just a risk you have to take.
3)  Scooby Doo & Shaggy-  The master and his mutt would be there to tell stories of ghosts and ghouls and to eat everything in sight.  Those two had a permanent case of the munchies and no one seemed bothered by that.  Bonus points if they bring the Mystery Machine!
4)  Johnny Bravo-  One of the coolest guys ever, Johnny had a way with the ladies- he chased them all away.  That works well for this party as it seems unlikely any females will make this list.  His Elvis-like voice was awesome, and his signature line- "Ohhhhh mama!"- is still a favorite.  Plus my Dad just loved the guy.   And the party could go all night just listening to him talk to...
5)  Foghorn Leghorn-  "I say, I say BOY!"  This rooster never shuts up, and is forever causing trouble.  And all-time classic.  Just have to remember to keep chicken off the menu.
6A)  Pinky and the Brain-  Because someone needs to be in charge of this get together!  "What are we gonna do tonight, Brain?"  "The same thing we do every night, Pinky- try and take over the world!"  And at this party, only Cosmo and Wanda could stop them!  Unless these two show up....
6B)  The Wonder Twins-  Part of the classic Super Friends cartoons of the 70's, these 2 teenagers could fist bump and change their forms simply by saying, "Wonder Twins powers- ACTIVATE!"  Then Zan (the guy) could turn into any form of water while Zayna (the girl) could become any animal.  Talk about an entertaining dinner show!
7A)  Bullwinkle and Rocky-  Moose and Squirrel would make excellent dinner guests unless Boris and Natasha find them first.  Plus, more entertainment!  "Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Nothing up my sleeve- PRESTO!"
7B)  George of the Jungle-  George of Jungle (original 1960's version) make excellent party guest. George like to show off and swing on vine. George also bring ape, named Ape.  Ape can teach other guests to speak Latin and play chess. George love party!

So there you have it, a VERY random list if ever there was one!  I expect no one to agree with me ("How could you leave off Jimmy Neutron, Goku, Yogi Bear, Space Ghost & Darkwing Duck?"), so leave your choices in the comment box below.  Make a really good suggestion and maybe you will get an invitation.  Sorry about there being no female characters, but I just couldn't think of one who belonged with this crowd. It's a shame Jessica Rabbit was in a movie and not on TV...


  1. Anonymous9/22/2012

    Disappointed....I was sure scoobie and shaggy would be number one!

  2. Mine would be the penguins from The Penguins of Madagascar. An adventure would definitely happen. ;)


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