Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Photo Flashback: Where It All Began

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's post.  My dog slept (some), I am feeling some clarity on where to take this blog, and there was good discussion on the other issues- both here and on Twitter.  Most importantly, I felt your prayers.  I love my readers!

I grew up attending Quaker Lake Camp in Climax, NC- and in many ways my faith journey began there during my years as a camper.  My entry-level youth ministry position was as a camp counselor at the same camp.  The year was 1978, and above you can see our staff picture.  QLC is where I learned about the ministry of servant-hood.  Even in the picture we are literally lifting people.  Alan Brown is next to me, and he is a good 6 inches shorter.  But in the pic he looks taller because Carl Semmler and I are holding him up so he can be seen.  We were taught by Neal Thomas to always put the needs of the campers ahead of ourselves, and it is a lesson I never forgot.  I was hired as a youth pastor by a local church at the end of that summer, beginning 28 years of service in the church.  It's always good to remember where it all began...and some of the best people anyone could ever know.  QLC changed my life, and the the memories are endless.  I'd love to hear from some of you- where did your ministry or spiritual journey begin?  Be blessed!

Front RowJan Osborne, Beth Grantham, Alice Carrol, Janie Stout,
Louise Massey, Susan McBane
Middle RowPaula Teague, Lynn Farlow, Martha Ratledge
Back Row Mike Newsome, Me, Alan Brown, Carl Semmler, Joseph Neal
Neal Thomas, Mark Farlow
Because of Jesus,

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