Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Encounters With God: Noah Lomax

I hope that all of you (my readers) are as inspired and encouraged by these first few days of Encounters With God as I am.  Today's guest blogger is Noah Lomax, who reminds us that in the scriptures and in our own lives our experiences with God are not always gentle.  Be sure to leave comments for Noah, and check out his information at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

Gut-Checked by a God-Moment
It was like a slap in the face. It was not a touchy, feely “saw a bit of Jesus moment.” But it was certainly an encounter with God.

 I was overseas, ministering in a country where English was not the predominant language. Every day, during my personal worship time, one thought was recurrent in my prayers: 

“God, if it would bring you glory, help me to cross paths with someone who speaks English today so that I could have the privilege of befriending them and sharing the Gospel.”

 I was petitioning for an unselfish, God-glorifying request so I could keep the Great Commission. I would love to tell you this remarkable story about how the stars aligned and against all odds I stumbled upon the only English speaker in this town who pleaded, “Noah, what must I do to be saved?” That did not happen.

Instead, my encounter happened right there while I was praying. Within seconds of the request leaving my lips I was instantly struck with this question: “Noah, almost every person who lives in Watertown, Wisconsin (my hometown) speaks English. How many of them have you given the Gospel to? If you have not been faithful with them, why should I give you the special few here?”

It was like a shot to the heart. I had no ground to stand on. I had no defense. I just cried. God was right. I repented of my unfaithfulness. Then I committed to intentionally building redemptive relationships in my home community.

Although difficult, it was a needed encounter with God. I was reminded that every person with whom I interact is a person I am entrusted with to share the Good News. Will I be a good steward of these opportunities? Will you?

 Are you faithfully sharing the Gospel with those whom God has placed in your daily path?

Noah Lomax serves as the Director of Student Activities at Maranatha Baptist Bible College. He aims to develop strong, character-driven leaders who excel in life and ministry to the glory of God! He also likes ice cream and coffee! Follow him on Twitter @NoahLomax



  1. An excellent reminder, thank you Noah.

  2. I think it was the movie Bruce Almighty that reminds us that sometimes God doesn't want us to wait on miracles; sometiems God wants us to BE the miracles in the lives of those we encounter each day. Great reminder indeed, Noah.

  3. James and CJ, thanks for reading! I'm thankful for God's reminders!

  4. Anonymous5/18/2011

    We all want God to give us such big tasks to accomplish for him, when we so seldom take care of the ones He gives us daily. Blessings, Noah, for this poke in the soul. - Chris Cooper


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