Friday, May 13, 2011

"It's the End of the World..."

It is absolutely amazing the things that we can get upset over and worry about.  For the past 20 hours or so, Google Blogger, which hosts this particular blog, was not functioning.  Normally I write the next day's post the night before, and last night I could not do that.  I have blogged for nearly 650 days in a row, and I worried that my streak might be in jeopardy.  I kept checking my computer to see if it was fixed yet.  Plus it is Friday the 13th.   I was seriously concerned.

What an idiot I am.  Let's look at the facts.  No one's day would be ruined if I didn't post.  No one is sitting at home nervously waiting to see if I would come through with some witty or inspirational words.  And no one (besides me) cares how many days in a row I have written posts.  We somehow manage to work ourselves in to a frenzy over things that could not matter less.  And we do it all the time.

Jesus cautioned us about worrying.  In Matthew 6:25-28 he reminds to trust in God for the things we need.  Yet we want to fix things and take care of ourselves.  It seems to be a human trait that we just can't shake.  We like to worry- and usually about things that we have no control over.

There are people who are very worried that next Saturday, May 21st, is the day that Jesus is coming back. There are billboards proclaiming this all over our nation.  I find this very interesting, since Jesus himself told us "no one will know the day or the time"- which pretty much rules out predictions.  I also find it funny that this is a concern for anyone. If you are a Christ-follower, then you should always be ready for Jesus' return.  If you are not, then you don't believe he's coming back- or that it matters that he was ever here!  Either way, seems to me you have nothing to worry about.  And yet we do.

So anyway, Blogger is fixed, I'm ready for Jesus, and I am going to try to do better and live my life trusting God.  It may seem like "the end of the world as we know it"...but I really do feel fine!

Because of Jesus,


  1. :) makes me happy to read this!!

  2. Thanks Beth! Always glad to make people smile!

  3. Our pastor announced a change in his sermon plans for next week; next Sunday, May 22, he plans on revisiting Revelations and people making predictions. :-)

  4. That is awesome, Jamie! I am still laughing. Doing a May 22nd sermon on th endof the world is BRILLIANT!!!


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