Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Shout Outs!

The great month of October has arrived, and with it comes great weather, great football, great birthdays and a new edition of my Saturday Shout Outs! There's a lot going on in my life, with plenty of prayers (both joys and concerns) and the fate of my moustache still up in the air! We've got all the news that fits, so buckle up, hang on and let's get ready to shout!

  • Lisa Kraus Spires (FUMC-Kissimmee) continues to ask for prayers for her youngest daughter Abby, who will be undergoing more tests for some seizure issues. We pray for Abby, Lisa and that the doctors will discover for certain what is going on. We also remember our friend and Abby's grandma Carol Kraus. Love you Lisa!
  • Zach Wehr (Wesley Memorial UMC) has started a new job with AUV Flight Services, where he will be working with unmanned aircraft (think drones) and spending a lot of time in Tuscon, AZ. Congratulations Zach!
  • Lisa Jewett lived at our house this week recovering from her 2nd chemo treatment, and we are glad to pass along the praise report that this cycle was much better than the first! She felt less fatigue, less nausea and just generally recovered more quickly this time around. I am pretty sure that her personal nurse (that would be me!) deserves most of the credit. But in all seriousness, what a blessing it was both to have Lisa with us and to see her feeling so much better!!! But keep praying- we do it all over again October 15th. #CancerSucks
  • Katie Shepherd Lebrato (New Garden Friends Meeting) shared with the Facebook world that she is expecting her first child! I remember seeing Katie with her mom Edith in the hospital a long time ago when Katie was born. Why do I suddenly want to start singing The Circle of Life? Congratulations to the Shepherd/Lebrato clan, and many prayers for Katie and the baby!
  • My dear friend Millie Simmons (Springfield Friends Meeting) asked for prayers for an unspoken need on Facebook yesterday. So I'm praying. Please join me.
  • Scott Farris (Wesley Memorial UMC & Lisa Jewett's son) started a new job this week as an EMT, gaining experience as he heads towards his goal of becoming a firefighter. Congrats Scott, and best of luck to you!
  • Leigh Ann Venable (Quaker Lake Camp) is at the end of her chemo treatments as she continues to kick cancer's butt. I marvel at her courage and her spirit, and pray often for her hubby Terry as well. Love and miss you both! #CancerStillSucks
  • Teresa Reep Tysinger (FUMC-K) continues to move closer to one of her dreams in life, becoming a published author. I'm so excited for for and continue to pray that the long process will keep moving forward. She is a gifted writer who has worked hard for this, and I know we are all cheering for her success!!! Plus, word came yesterday that she is becoming a Daisy Scout leader. Prayers for everyone!!!  LOL
  • Ann Saunders Baker (Springfield) shared this week that she has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I offer prayers and support to Ann- it's a disease I know a little too well! Also in the SFM family we continue to pray for Marie Allen Duke, whose due date for her new baby continues to draw near. Sending warm thoughts your was each and every day, Marie!
  • Beth Vestal McGalliard (New Garden Friends Meeting) you are amazing and I love you. That just needed to be shouted this morning!
  • A special Happy Birthday today to one of my favorite people, Hal Gastler (Wesley Memorial)! My extended family will celebrate lots of birthdays this month! Michelle Carroll on the 12th; Marilyn on the 16th; my Mom on the 17th; Scott Farris on the 23rd & Jerry Hanbery on the 30th.  And of course mine is this Tuesday, October 6th. Wondering what to get this old man (it's #56)? Funny you should ask...
  • The great Save It or Shave It? competition ends a midnight on Tuesday! The bottom line here is that we are raising money for Lisa Jewett through a Go Fund Me page by allowing you to vote on the fate of my trademark moustache. Every $5 you donate earns you a vote; donate $100 and I'll double your vote total. So far my 'stache is safe, but you could change that! I'm also waiting on opinions from old friends like Tammy Foster & Steve Semmler, who actually knew me BEFORE the birth of the 'stache. I have noticed that the women who have voted or voiced an opinion all want to save it; the guys mostly seem to want it gone. So I'm guessing that means it's muy macho and a little intimidating to the fellows. :)  Anyway, if you want to give me a great birthday present, click HERE, donate and vote. Every $5 will help Lisa in her battle. And for those of you who have already stepped up big- THANK YOU!!! And BTW- Hal & Joanne Gastler, the judges have ruled that in honor of Hal's birthday your donation, even though it came before the contest ever started, earned you guys the full 80 votes! Cast them carefully!!! #SavetheStache
So that's it for today! I hope you have a great weekend, and that your lives will be filled with blessings. Peace, my friends!

Because of Jesus,

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