Friday, July 3, 2015

Random Ramblings

Ever wonder what the difference is between my Random Ramblings and my Saturday Shout Outs? It's Friday. Does that help? Yes, I'm in that kind of mood beware! Let's get started...

  • Happy July the 3rd! Sometimes I hear people wonder if other nations have July the 4th. Yes they do. Every single one of them!
  • We need BIG HONKIN' PRAYERS for Lisa Ramos Moran, my dear sweet sister from our youth group days at New Garden Friends Meeting. We love you Lisa. And #CancerSucks.
  • It's been a big week here on the blog. Last Saturday I wrote how love is the only response the church needs to have to the Supreme Court decision; Tuesday I wrote about finding rest with Jesus on the #NarrowRoad; Wednesday's rant about Christian Pharisees blew up and became one of my most read posts ever; and yesterday I discovered that even if people aren't interested in my month-long countdown of my 55 favorite songs by The Beach Boys they still can still get angry about my decision to leave Kokomo off the list! Lots of comments, which proves that the comment feature of my blog does indeed work. I'm just sayin'... I can't wait until people see that half the songs that did make my list they have never heard of before... hehe
  • At last count there are 15 men who have announced their intentions to run for the Republican nomination for President.. Of those, only Ben CarsonJeb Bush and Chris Christie don't make me laugh out loud- they just make me chuckle. Donald Trump makes me ROTFL (roll on the floor laughing), but at least he comes with a built in Veep- that thing on his head. And Marco Rubio doesn't make me laugh, but I do giggle. He's just so darned cute!
  • I don't know how many of you watch the CBS summer series Under the Dome, but if you do then I think you will agree with me on one thing. A sitcom starring Drunk Big Jim would be absolutely hilarious. I winning spin-off for sure!
  • Apparently the world's sharks have gathered off the coast of NC in honor of the 40th anniversary of Jaws. It would have been nice if they would have let the rest of us know. The beaches in Florida will work just fine for me, thank you very much!
  • We are off later this morning to buy a new laptop for Will to take with him when he moves away to college in less than 2 months. This whole moving away thing is starting to get real.
  • Did you know...that before the song Kokomo was used in the soundtrack of the movie Cocktail and became a smash hit that The Beach Boys referred to it as The Beer Song? They called it that because every time they played it in concert the crowd would leave their seats and go buy beer. Thank you, Pop Up Video!
  • A couple of people have asked me why in my posts I usually use the term USAmericans rather than the traditional Americans. It's simple really. Canadians are Americans. Mexicans are Americans. Brazilians are Americans. It just seems presumptuous to me that we would think that Americans only designates those of us in the United States. I do understand part of the issue. Calling us "United Statesians" is awkward, and "those obnoxious people the rest of the world doesn't like" won't fit on the front of a soccer jersey. So using USAmericans is my own little protest. And now you are sorry they asked, aren't you? :)
  • Yesterday on Facebook my former youth (Springfield Friends Meeting) Marie Allen Duke and Cheryl Deal Meadows were trading quips from the classic 1986 movie Short Circuit. What a great film! I really need to see it again now. Thanks a lot, ladies! "I am standing here beside myself!"
  • My extended family (Marilyn, Will, Michelle, Michelle's family and Lisa Jewett) will all be headed to Walt Disney World tomorrow for the 4th. I promised not to whine anymore about not being able to join them, so I won't. Dang it.  
  • I am now less than a month away from being at Myrtle Beach with my wife's family for a few days, which means I am less than a month away from Calabash. Oh yeaaaahhh...
  • And finally one last thought as we approach another patriotic holiday. I know many of my Twitter followers and many of Marilyn's Facebook friends are not fans of President Obama. In fact, though you might deny it, some of you hate him. That is certainly your right (as USAmericans). He is by no means the perfect President. But if you think that him leaving the Oval Office will fix the things that are wrong with this country then you simply aren't paying attention. You see it's not him; it's US. If we don't figure out how to move forward together and let go of our ridiculous partisanship, our propensity for violence and our petty prejudices then it won't matter who the next POTUS is. Thus endeth the rant.
So enjoy the 3rd, have a great 4th, and celebrate all the unique things that make this a great nation. Like s'mores, The Beach Boys, baseball and frozen margaritas. They are American, right?  

"Enjoy every sandwich."

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  1. I use the term United Statesian. It is my translation of the Spanish word, estadounidense. People look at me word. I explain and they still look at me weird. It is good to know that I am not the only one looking for a better word.

    And yes the problem is us before it is the POTUS. We need to take the plank out of our own eyes before we take the speck from another's eye.


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