Sunday, July 12, 2015

Have You Seen Jesus My LORD?

I originally shared this post in April of 2012. Last night I found myself on another walk with Conner, once again humming this song. Seemed right to share it again (even though last night was hot & muggy rather than cool & breezy) on this fine Sunday morning! :)

Last night I was walking my dog. That is not at all unusual. I walk Conner every night, usually between 8:30 and 9:00. Lately I have filled this time with phone calls and texts, entertaining myself while I walk. But last night I didn't even take my phone. It was a beautiful night with a slight chill in the air (so rare in Tampa this time of year) and a sky full of stars. As I walked and looked at God's creation, I suddenly found myself singing. Again, that is not at all unusual- I sing to myself quite often. Then I realized what song I was singing. It's a song called Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?  This gorgeous praise song, written by John Fischer (and published by one of my heroes, the great Yohann "YO" Anderson for Songs & Creations) in 1970, was a song we sang at camp in the early 70s. The Quaker Lake Camp staff used to sing it when we led worship in local churches on Sunday mornings during the summer. It had a great harmony part on the chorus that I loved singing with Martha Ratledge Farlow. I had probably not tried to sing it in nearly 20 years. Yet there I was, walking under the stars, remembering every word and every note. And I was worshiping. Big time. Too often we think of worship as something that happens on Sunday morning. Worship is a lifestyle. These words reminded me of that as I offered praise to my God last night. I hope they will remind you today. God is everywhere, Look around you. See the evidence. 

 Have you seen Jesus my LORD?
He's here in plain view
Take a look. open your eyes
He'll show it to you

Have you ever looked at the sunset
with the sky mellowin' red
and the clouds suspended like feathers?
Then I've seen Jesus my LORD


Have you ever stood at the ocean
with the white foam at your feet
felt the endless thundering motion?
Then I've seen Jesus my LORD


Have you ever looked at the cross
with a man hangin' in pain
seen the look of love in His eyes?
Then I've seen Jesus my LORD


Have you ever stood in the family
with the LORD there in your midst,
seen the face of Christ on each other?
Then I've seen Jesus my LORD

We don't have to search for Jesus. He is already where we are. The question is, are we too busy, too loud and too self-involved to see Him and to give him the praise He deserves? May I suggest a nice quiet walk to put things in perspective...  Be blessed, my friends!

Because of Jesus,

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