Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jesus Takes Care of the Rest

Keith Green
"You just keep doing your best, and pray that it's blessed,
and Jesus takes care of he rest!"

My senior year in high school (1976-77) I became friends with a dynamo of a freshman girl named Sandra Payne. She and her friends adopted me as their big brother (actually the 7 of them called me Snow White- but that's a story for another day!) and Sandra's family treated myself and my friend Steve as if we were relatives. It still, even some 39 years later, feels funny to call her Sandra. Everyone knew her as Punky. Punky Payne. Among the many things she brought into my life that year was my first introduction to what is now known as Contemporary Christian Music. She played albums for me by artists like Evie, Amy Grant and Keith Green. One of the Keith Green songs she played over and over was called He'll Take Care of the Rest. And just for Punky (wherever she may be) that song is my devotional for today!

Keith Green was truly one of the pioneers of early modern Christian music. As with most of his peers, he saw music as a ministry more than entertainment, and his concerts were often accompanied by some serious preaching. He and his wife Melody were the founders of Last Days Ministries. In 1982, while flying over some land that had been purchased for the purpose of expanding the ministry, Keith and 11 others were killed in a plane crash. His death at such an early age left an huge hole in the ministry of the church, and he is still missed today. He remains an inspiration to many of today's artists and ministers.  

He'll Take Care of the Rest was not one of Keith's best known songs, even back in 1977 when it appeared on his first solo album For Him Who Has Ears To Hear. It would have been easy to pick a more popular (yet still seldom heard in today's world) Green song, such as Asleep in the Light, So You Wanna' Go Back To Egypt or You Put This Love In My Heart. But He'll Take Care of the Rest holds a special place in my heart- in part because of Punky, and in part because it is a reminder that God often calls the unwilling to do the improbable. In many ways that feels like my story too. It is a reminder that God doesn't always call the equipped; sometimes God equips the called. Plus, this song is just flat out fun. So enjoy it, and then go check out more of Keith Green's story online.  You will be inspired. This one's for you, Punky. And just so you know- among the 7 dwarfs she was Dopey.  :)

Because of Jesus,

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