Friday, April 17, 2015

A Modern Prophecy

There was a Flashback Friday post all queued up for today, but last night God gave me a new plan and a different kind of flashback. I was listening to my iPod and heard the classic Larry Norman song The Great American Novel (1972). The late singer was one of the first prominent voices of the Jesus Movement of the early 1970s and a pioneer of contemporary Christian music. To my mind he was clearly a leading voice of that generation and I have long loved his music. But as I heard this song last night the lyrics overwhelmed me, just like hearing it for the first time. The song seems to have been written for a time such as this. No matter your politics or your point of view, the words are like ants in your underwear- uncomfortable, irritating and hard to shake off. There are lines that make me angry, yet are difficult to refute. In scripture, prophecies were always painful to hear. This 43 year old song speaks to NOW in ways that can only be called prophetic. Listen & watch. Think about the lyrics. Squirm a bit. And don't miss the truth and the hope found in the very last line of the song. Then get down on the knees of your heart and pray for my country. As another prophetic radical once said, "Let those with ears to hear...hear!"

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Anonymous4/17/2015

    "You say all men are equal, all men are brothers. Then why are the rich more equal than others?" Whoa. Prophetic indeed.


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