Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#DangerDays: Help Wanted!

Congrats to the UConn Huskies and especially my dear friends the Gastler family on their big win last night! I know of no more dedicated fans for any team than the Gastlers and UConn so it always make me smile to see them win! 
Wanted: Writers for these weekly #DangerDays posts. Must be willing to share stories of bold, risky or daring faith. These can be places you have already been or steps you need to take. I know my readers, and I know YOU have a story to share. I'm going to keep writing these posts each Tuesday, but the story is more complete when we share in it together. For more information e-mail me at youthguy07@aol.com or tweet me @Youthguy07Is God pushing you to take a risky step of faith and share your story? Remember- Moses, Jeremiah, Mary, Paul and so many others didn't think they were ready either! I'm just saying...

Because of Jesus,

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