Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crossing the Bridge

Because many of you have asked, I just thought I should tell you...I did it! On Thursday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the final paperwork was done, I drove myself across the bridge to Clearwater. Technically it was not a bridge, it was the Courtney Campbell Causeway. But you get the point. I was out of the county without permission. Because I NO LONGER NEED IT! 
And what wonders awaited me on the other side? Rain as I walked along the bay. The actual original Hooter's. And our closest Joe's Crab Shack which has taunted me these past 7 years. Clearwater Beach was only 8 more miles, but because of spring break crowds that would have taken another 45 minutes to drive. So I left that adventure for another day...
So what does it all mean? Almost nothing! But every now and then life requires us to take baby steps, and crossing that bridge was my first baby step. The second was eating that night at a Buffalo Wild Wings 15 minutes from our house, but previously forbidden fruit because it is in another county. Staying out past 10 PM for the first time since March 20, 2007 (albeit just to pick up Will from Chick-fil-A) was another. There are mores steps to come, and some of them will be giant steps. I look forward to writing some travel blogs in the near future. And I look forward to seeing so many of you.

But even if I don't take big trips anytime soon, I know they are coming. As hard as it is, I have to be patient. You can only cross one bridge at a time. My friend and youth ministry mentor J. David Stone wrote these words as the chorus to a song in 1981, and they have been ringing in my head this week:
Cross over the bridge when you come to it
Don't worry when you're miles away
Can't live tomorrow before it comes
Today's enough for today.

Or to paraphrase the great hymn, One bridge at a time, sweet Jesus! And let the blessings of this day be enough for me. Tomorrow we celebrate Jesus' victory over the grave and the coming of grace into each of our lives. There is no greater blessing that that! 

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous4/19/2014

    Thank you for this message. It is true for all of us no matter our station in life.

    1. Thanks. And I agree. One bridge at a time is all any of us can do.

  2. Now, you need to explain this one to me because I've not been around as much. Why don't you need permission anymore? Or why did you need permission in the first place to cross a county? And why is it baby-steps? Has something happened to make these changes? Probation? Prohibition? I'd love to hear the story behind this.

    Enjoy this wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes my friend, it was the end of a 7 year probation. And after that much time, baby steps are the ONLY way to get started again! Thanks for reading and you have a blessed weekend as well!

  3. Yay! Rejoicing with you!

    1. Thanks so much Brook- for all of your support!!!


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