Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Morning's Playlist

I was up early this morning. and as usual I was listening to my I-pod while hanging out with the dog and fixing breakfast. If you are not familiar with my particular I-pod, it is a very old, very low memory hand-me-down from my son Will (like the one pictured).  It only holds about 230 songs.  I have a lot more music than that in my library, so on occasion I rotate songs, moving out tunes I grow weary of and bringing in songs I have not heard in a while. My tastes lean toward classic rock and great singer-songwriters, both of the "regular" and "Christian" variety. Music moves me.  It can change my mood, lift my spirits, make me sentimental and take me to places I have not visited in a while. It can also make me aware of the presence of God.  This morning was no exception.   Here are the first 10 songs that popped up on shuffle today: 

1)  Whatsername-  Green Day
2)  You Don't Mess Around With Jim- Jim Croce
3)  Forever- The Explorer's Club
4)  Shine A Little Love- ELO
5)  I Want To Know You (In the Secret) - Sonicflood
6)  ThankfulCaedmon's Call
7)  Smell the Color 9- Chris Rice
8)  If You Could Read My Mind- Gordon Lightfoot
9)  Surely God Is With Us- Rich Mullins
10) Don't Look Back in Anger- Oasis

That's what I was listening to this morning. What's on your playlist today?

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