Saturday, October 26, 2013

Philosophy 101

Many of my dearest friends love to run. They run for fitness and pleasure. They run to challenge themselves. They run so they can put those stickers on their cars that say 26.2 or 13.1 or 104,000.7.  They run because they love it.

Many of those same friends can tell you that when it comes to running, I have a philosophy that I adhere to no matter the situation, no matter the place, no matter the time. And that rule for living was recently summed up for me in a bumper sticker seen here in Tampa.  It simply said...

Even in my prime, I only ran on football fields, basketball courts and baseball diamonds. Or maybe for a really good game of Ultimate Frisbee or a youth group water war. Now I have a legitimate excuse- but even if I wasn't 7 Toe Jones, I still wouldn't run- because I am lazy, and roads were meant for cars!  :)

I hope those who love running will have a nice 5K or a lovely jog today...or is it a soft "j" and pronounced "Yog?" I'll settle for walking the dog and watching college football players run all over the place. Have a blessed weekend, runners and couch potatoes alike!!!

Because of Jesus (who walked, even on water!),


  1. Give it a go mate, running is fun and will add healthy years to your life. I'm gonna pray that whilst you're walking the dog on the lead, doggie sees a cat, starts to run and you automatically follow suit ha ha ha.

    1. As my friend Jennifer texted me today, if you see me running you should check and see who is chasing me!

  2. Remember, Benny Hester sang God Ran :)


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