Monday, May 13, 2013

Old Man

I have often written in this space about the joys of being able to reconnect with old friends and former students though the wonders of the internet.  Through my wife's Facebook, my Twitter and this blog, I am able to see so much of what is happening in the lives of so many people I care about. I see pictures of their families, read of their joys and sorrows, and share in their day to day lives.  It also allows me the privilege of praying for them in times of crisis and need.  I love these connections, and feel blessed to live in a time when I can still be involved in the lives of people I may not have actually SEEN in 30 years.  It's amazing.

HOWEVER...there is a downside to all of this information and connection.  I see things most everyday that remind of a certain truth that I would just as soon forget.  I am getting old! Recently there has been much evidence of this fact all over Facebook for me to see.  My former Springfield Friends Meeting youth groupers Jennifer Wood Jones and Keri Vinson Johnston both sending daughters to their respective proms.  Ouch.  Beth Edgerton Bell, from my New Garden Friends Meeting group of the late 70's and early 80's had a child graduate from college.  Bring on the Geritol.  I know people younger than me (Lisa Jewett) and my age (Susan McBane Tuggle) who are GRANDPARENTS!!! Where's my AARP card? My best friend from 8th grade on, Steve Semmler, is getting ready to see his YOUNGEST graduate from college. Steve is older than, me, so that one doesn't hurt so much.  But the point is, time is passing.  In fact, time is flying!  And today, my own son Will takes what is for all practical purposes his final test as a high school student- his AP physics exam (please pray hard!). It feels like a day passes with every blink of my eyes- which are not what they used to be either...

So what is the point of this lament?  Not to go all Dead Poet's Society on you here, but it is really very simple- Seize the Day! Live life to the fullest, making the most of every moment.  I tend to over-think things, analyze relationships and try to discover if things will work BEFORE I even try them.  That's life on a merry-go-round.  I want to ride the big coaster, with the huge drops, the tough climbs, the queasy stomach- and the amazing thrills.  I want to remember that Jesus tells us to live the abundant life, full of joy and soaking in everything this world has to offer.

With each day that passes, it is clear that this old man has a limited time on this earth, and I am more than cool with that- because I know that I know that I know what my future holds. But when I get to heaven, I want to arrive able to say to whoever wants to know that I LIVED my life full of love and adventure in the name of Jesus.  I may not have (and will never) gotten everything right in my life, but I did live it with gusto! I begin this week with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm.  And if you think that all sounds a little nuts, then I suggest you get out of this old man's way.  Let's have a great week!

Because of Jesus,

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