Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's Saturday, and time for another look back at the wackiness the was The UMYF Enquirer, the often silly monthly newsletter I wrote during my years at the First United Methodist Church of Kissimmee.  Last week we looked at strange headlines; today I give you one picture and one story and ask if anyone remembers "WHY?" 

The picture is from a ski trip, I believe in 1997, and was reproduced in the March 1997 issue of the Enquirer with the caption "Youth Group Can Be Dangerous."  The people involved are Ben Thompson and Chrissy Weaver; I have no memory of what caused Ben to attempt to eat Chrissy's head.  Anyway, here is the picture.

The article is from the October, 1996 edition, and if anyone can explain to me what the purpose of this story was, I would greatly appreciate the information.  It seems totally random, but almost everything I ever wrote for the Enquirer has some point.  This one may be lost forever!  Here it is, a reprint of the full article:

Want to be part of our biggest, wildest event ever?  Then get ready for MOOSE HUNT '97!  We'll be headed for Butte, Montana and three weeks of hunting the wild Mitsubishi Moose.  Just bring your parents' VISA card, $600 cash and the biggest gun you can find to Cathy Thacker's house at 4 AM on Saturday, October 19th.  Also, since there is no airport, you'll have to parachute into Butte, so bring a strong umbrella to help break your fall.  See you in Butte!

So there you have it!  If you have any clue as to why I wrote that article, or if you would just like to make up a reason, e-mail me at or leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend and don't forget, tomorrow is God's day!  Honor Him!

Because of Jesus,

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