Saturday, October 25, 2014

Farewell, Joe Maddon

We will miss the themed road trips, the tips on high quality wines, the way he reached out to the community, the witty quotes and the occasional penguin in the clubhouse. We will miss the way he shuffled his lineups and was often unconventional with his strategies. Tampa Bay Rays fans will miss so many things about Joe Maddon, who opted out of his contract yesterday. But let's be honest- mostly, we will miss winning. Not just any manager could have taken one of the lowest payroll teams in baseball and turned them into winners year after year and year. Before Joe, we were a laughing stock. With Joe, we won division titles and went to a World Series. So au revoir, Joe. I have no doubt you will manage again soon. And I will be a fan of that team as well.

And oh by the 'bout them Royals!!!!

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