Friday, May 30, 2014

30/30: One Question for God

Today's 30/30 Vision Blog Challenge prompt is a classic- What if you could ask God one question- but only one? What would you ask? What is it that really burns a hole in your soul, that you crave knowledge or wisdom about? There are so many questions I have, so many things I want to know about my life, about history and about the future. There are things I want to know about the true nature of God. Choosing one is a herculean task. But here goes...

Over the last 10 years ago it has become clear to me that the Christian church has made being a Christ-follower way too complicated. We make up our own rules for what it means to be "saved." We put our own issues at the top of the list and claim they would also be the priorities of Jesus. When we can't pull that off, we quote biblical writers, famous authors and well-known preachers who often manage to turn the black and white words of Jesus into something grey and foggy that requires a deep and painfully intellectual theology to understand. And the further the church has sunk into what I consider to be a quagmire of our own making, the more I have pushed back. The more complicated others want to make being a Christ-follower, the more simple it becomes for me. Follow Jesus. Understand that his words and his actions should drive our faith, and that his words and his actions were all about faith, hope, forgiveness and love. He came so that the leper, the tax collector, the prostitute, the betrayer and the rest of the sinners would have a place at his table. And so that we might as well. Theology and debate are fun and wonderful things, but I have come to believe that being a Christian should be all about Jesus. ALL about Jesus! It is my passion and my goal to help those of us in the church simplify our faith with those words so that others may be drawn to the One who saves us. If Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, then why are we so often bogged down in so much other crap?

So with all of that said, I have a pressing question that I already ask God most every day when I pray, and that I would LOVE to get a concrete, holy graffiti, burning bush style voice of God answer to someday soon. And here is it. Am I getting any of this right?  There are times when I wonder if all of the people I think are so confused actually have it right, and I am the one wandering in the wilderness. My prayer is that people might see "the real Jesus" through my words and deeds. It would just be nice to hear  "well done, good and faithful servant" as I carry on with my crusade. So that's my question. Am I getting any of this right? 

But if I was (by some stroke of God's grace) offered a second question, I admit I would go old school- What's the truth about dinosaurs? I gots to know!!! Have a blessed weekend, my friends!

Because of Jesus,

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