Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Greatest of All-Time!

People make lists all the time of the "greatest this" and the "greatest that." Such lists are wonderful fodder for discussion and argument, as they are all based on personal opinion and taste.  But today I offer you a list with NO room for debate. With apologies to several Thanksgiving episodes of Friends and the Slapsgiving episode of How I Met Your Mother, I present the single greatest sitcom event in the history of the holiday. In fact, not only is it the greatest Thanksgiving episode ever, it is in my top 5 sitcom episodes of all time. Many of my readers are too young to remember WKRP in Cincinnati, and it is hard to find even in reruns. For the uninitiated, it is the story of a ragtag radio station run by a station manager (Arthur "The Big Guy" Carlson) who is totally inept and afraid of the owner- his mother. In this episode he decides to pull off a big Thanksgiving promotion for the station on his own- without the help of any of the semi-sane members of his team. He rents a helicopter and distributes live turkeys at a local shopping center, as an unsuspecting (and always clueless) Les Nessman reports live from the scene. From there, things go horribly wrong. As Les reports at one point, "OH THE HUMANITY!!!" Watch this 30 second highlight reel of The Turkey Drop, and then find the full episode somewhere. Experience the wonders of Turkey Day as only the Big Guy, Les, Andy Travis, Jennifer Marlowe, Bailey Quarters, Herb Tarlek, Venus Flytrap and Dr. Johnny Fever can give them to you. And then tell me I'm wrong.

BEST. THANKSGIVING. EPISODE. EVER! And getting to see this every year is just one more reason to #SaveThanksgiving! Have a blesssed day!

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