Monday, November 4, 2013

A Day of Blessings

Every day come with its share of blessings. Some days seem to have more than their share.  Saturday was one of those days.  I was honored to officiate the wedding of a young woman who was last in my youth group in 2004, Jenn Gastler, and her fiance Sgt.Will Chan. Not even a rainy afternoon for a planned beach ceremony could take anything away from a very special day. Here I am leading them in the sharing of their marriage vows.  

This was followed by a wonderful lunch at The Chart House, at which time Jenn's father Hal surprised everyone - including his own wife, Joanne- by singing for the couple's first dance. Hal sang an amazing song called "I Loved Her First" that brought the room to tears- and I was blessed to be part of that as well by playing guitar for him. Here we are!

But the blessings the day were still not done. Our son Will spent the day at the hospital with his girlfriend Michelle as her sister went into labor for the birth of her first child. He made an appearance late in the afternoon and everyone is doing great. And Will can't stop talking about the little guy...

Later, we attended worship at Van Dyke Church and had dinner with our friend Lisa Jewett and her friend Doug. An amazing day, full of many blessings. And so many reasons to take time to stop and thank the God of the universe for being such a great God and covering myself, my family and our friends in a blanket of love. May the first song I sing today sing praise to God as well!

Because of Jesus,


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