Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs! (#SaveThanksgiving Edition)

Can you believe November is almost over and that Thanksgiving is upon us?  2013 has been a blur, and today seemed like a good time to take a step back and remember some of the people, places and things I have to be thankful for this year. It's one more step in my drive to #SaveThanksgiving in my heart by remembering the blessings God has placed in my life. I hope it will encourage you to make a similar list. So here we go...

I am thankful for...
  • Marilyn, Will & Conner. Obviously. :)
  • Jun & Jennifer (Bob) Kuramochi having a healthy baby boy (Noah) this past Thursday morning. Mom and baby are both well, and I am certain big sister Josephine is excited as well. Praise God for a wonderful family!!!
  • My Mom arriving is tomorrow and spending all of Thanksgiving week with us, and we are all so excited. She will be coaching Will as he prepares the feast again this year!
  • Speaking of the feast and of Will, his girlfriend Michelle will be joining us for the first time. I am so thankful for her and the love and joy she brings into our son's life. What a blessing!!!
  • Old friends like Ann Saunders Hale, Jeremy Godwin, Marie Allen Duke, Cindy Martin, Cyndi Reep Browning, David Hobson, Jan Purcelle Koerner, David White, Jennifer Wood Jones, Rebecca Jackson, Mike Newsome, Lauren Carr Cacciatore, Susie Thomas, Lisa Kraus Spires, Laura Wheeler, Jill Painter Watson, Edith Shepherd and others who have checked on me, encouraged me and picked me up when I was down at various times over the past year. You guys ROCK!!!
  • The nurses and staff at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Tampa. I love you all and hope to never see you again!
  • The reunion of old friends from FUMC-Kissimmee this past April was one of the great weekends of this year- or any other! It is a true gift from God to have so many people who have left footprints on my heart and are still part of my life.
  • And speaking of that reunion, the 5 days I spent with Teresa Reep Tysinger before and after the event are days I will never forget. It is so true- "the miles may separate as the years roll along, but the bond between friends will remain ever strong!"
  • Millie Simmons. It's been a rough year for Millie, and yet she is a fountain of strength and encouragement to myself and others. As well as the very BEST secretary any youth pastor ever had!  :)
  • Dr. Welch, who I continue to see every Monday morning and who is taking such good care of my right foot. The healing continues nicely, and he is a joy to talk to as well.
  • Todd & Kristin Willis, and and their unwavering support of both me and this blog. Knowing you are reading makes it fun for me to write.
  • Some of my oldest friends will be gathering the day after Thanksgiving in Greensboro, and I hate we will miss it again. But I am always thankful for you all- Steve, Carl, Alan, Denise, Tammy, Beth and all the rest. Some bonds will never be broken.
  • Another wonderful friend from way back is back in my life this year, and I couldn't be happier to be chatting with Sabrina Perry on a regular basis. She challenges and inspires me- and cracks me up!  What more could you ask for?
  • The constant support of my ever-growing Twitter family. They give me love and make me smile so often. Staying connected with old friends like James Robinson, Ashley Goad, Brent Bill, Jill Gilbreth Bryant, Scott Wagoner and Brook Teoli Phelps is a blessing. I look forward to meeting people like @jasonbhuffman@itslizawithaz@tljones91@amykiane@pyschomomi and @gasface99 & @citrus_sunshine in person some day. And I can't wait for Spring Training 2014 and a family gathering with @RLDamronJGanley3 and @JCClay24 here in Tampa! Even if they are all Yankees fans...
  • Taco Tuesdaze, Wacky Wednesdays, Soulful Sundays and every other day we get to share with Lisa Jewett. She is such a big part of of our family!
  • Van Dyke Church. To quote Pastor Matthew, "I LOVE my church!"
  • Susan McBane Tuggle, who keeps me on my toes and makes my life a little more interesting with every text and e-mail. Love you, Boom-Boom!
  • The Gastler Family for honoring me by asking me to participate in Jen & Will's wedding a few weeks ago. What a wonderful day and a wonderful family!
  • Jerry Hanbery. He is ALWAYS there when I need him. Thanks for being you, Sundance!
  • And finally, if you are reading this and don't see your name listed above, please know I am thankful for YOU! I love writing this blog, and I love knowing people enjoy it. It's a real blessing in my life.
And of course mostly I am thankful every day for a loving God who brings all these blessings to my life and who gave us Jesus so that we might live life together through him. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, one and all, and be sure to offer praise to the bringer of the feast- whatever that feast may be!  Love you guys!
Because of Jesus,


  1. For the record I'm a Rangers fan. A disheartened and frustrated Rangers fan. As always love reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

    1. So sorry for the insult to your baseball allegiance, my friend! And I do so appreciate all of your support and the kind words.

  2. If/when we make it down to Florida again, you will be our first stop!

    1. The door is always open to you and Drew!

  3. I'm just as thankful for you. Love you!

    1. Thanks Marie! Love you too!


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