Monday, June 6, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin Playlist

Today is expected to be a messy day in Tampa Bay as tropical storm Colin brushes the west coast of Florida on its way north. Those of us who live here are used to such storms this time of year, and to be honest our biggest concern is usually that it makes the horrible Central Florida traffic even worse! Today is going to be an indoor day for sure, so to help pass the time I've picked out 10 songs from my trusty i-Pod sure to keep my spirits afloat- and hope that will be the only thing floating! So here's what I'm listening to this morning:

  • Hasten Down the Wind-  Warren Zevon
  • Africa-  Toto
  • Summer Breeze-  Seals & Crofts
  • Escape (The Pina Colada Song)-  Rupert Holmes
  • Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season-  Jimmy Buffett
  • Pray For Rain-  PFR
  • Slip Slidin' Away-  Paul Simon
  • Summertime-  My Chemical Romance
  • Leaving This Town-  The Beach Boys
  • Times Like These-  Dan Fogelberg
Honorable mention goes to The Beach Boys for Let the Wind Blow and to Eric Clapton for Let It Rain. We have to keep our senses of humor, people! Have a wonderful Monday, stay dry and remember this small bit of wisdom- nothing can keep you afloat quite the love of your friends.  See you soon!

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