Sunday, August 31, 2014

Burn, Baby, Burn!!!!

When we moved back to Tampa in the summer of 2007 we did so under duress. Due to my legal circumstances at the time we were limited in the places we could live and we were pretty much broke. Marilyn and my Mom scouted Tampa Bay for homes that worked, and found a beautiful house for rent in a great neighborhood- and perhaps most importantly, a man who was willing to rent to someone with my "baggage." We have been here ever since, and our landlord has been nothing but good to us, up to and including the fact that he has not raised the rent the entire time we have lived here. So keep all of that in mind today- as I complain!

On Thursday our air conditioning began to act up, not cooling the house like it should. I reported this to the man who acts as our landlord's trouble shooter. They use a repairman named Mac- seriously, that is his actual name. Mac has been out several times and does good work, but he is a one-man operation and lives (and works, for the most part) in St. Pete. We sweltered Thursday night, awaiting repairs on Friday. But Mac never showed up. Marilyn and Will went to a motel for the night while the dog and I stuck it out, expecting we would get relief on Saturday. When Mac finally arrived in mid-afternoon, he discovered that the entire unit needs to be replaced (while also leaving the AC fan on when he left, so MORE hot air was pumped in until I discovered the mistake). He called the middle man, who tried to reach the landlord for permission to spend the money and buy the the new AC unit. By the time people returned all the missed calls and got the facts straight it was too late to purchase anything on Saturday. Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Labor Day. We are not going to have A/C until Tuesday at the earliest. It's Florida in August. This is not acceptable. And our house feels like this...

Slight exaggeration-  I'm a bit delirious from the flames!  LOL

We all stayed here last night, using two big fans to survive, and actually slept fairly well. Will has to work today at Olive Garden, but once he is done we plan on finding new accommodations for a couple of days, the cost of which we fully intend to deduct from September's rent.

So that is my Sunday lament. We are thankful for the prayers and concerns of friends and thankful for the roof over our heads. We know we are a bit whiny about this. But it's just so freakin' hot! We may be practicing for the next ice bucket challenge this afternoon...just for fun!  I hope you all have a blessed (and COLD!) Sunday!

Because of Jesus,

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