Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs!

You can tell this blog is officially getting back in the swing of things, because here is a new edition of my Saturday Shout Outs! Enjoy, and let me know if there is news I need to know!

  • Marilyn and I had a nice 27th anniversary celebration yesterday, including having Will join us for dinner at Outback last night.  27 years is a long time. I will turn 54 in October, so even with my feeble math skills I can calculate that we have now been married more than half of our lives. Wow. Just so none of us forget, here's how we looked when it all started...
    On our honeymoon
  • As for Will, he is loving his college classes (which are all on Mondays and Wednesdays) and his job at Chick-fil-A, where you can find him most every other day except Sunday.  He works in the back preparing food, and is becoming a master of fixin' the Christian chicken. He also still manages to work in plenty of time with Michelle. Life is good for my 18 year old! 
    He looks so official, doesn't he?
  • The other member of our family, Conner the Dog, is not doing quite as well.  He is having terrible itching problems which baths and other home remedies have not been able to conquer.  He scratches, chews and licks himself constantly. He is going to the vet later this morning. We hope she can help. We also hope he can avoid the "cone of shame." He doesn't even like having a bandanna around his neck.
  • For those of my readers who know Ashley Goad (Springfield Friends Meeting), she has relocated to Shreveport, LA as of August 1 as is working as the missions pastor at a UMC church there.  So proud of Ashley and all of her work, and I pray for her daily. Join me!
  • Also relocating is Cyndi Reep Browning (FUMC-Kissimmee) who is finally getting to reunite with her husband who moved to Alabama months ago for a new job. Cyndi and son Grayson will be moving in a week, so be praying for that family! On a side note, it seems that more and more I know a lot of really cool people who live in Alabama.  Who'd a thunk it? :)
  • I watched a bit of the VMA's this past week with Will (mostly the Justin Timberlake part- Will has serious man-crush on JT!) but had much more fun following the rest of it on Twitter. My favorite tweet said this- "You know how bad the state of pop music is in 2013 when the entire world is so freakin' excited to see N'Sync again!" Brilliantly said!
  • I have already told you since my return to blogging how much the love and support of my friends and family has meant to me as I recover from my most recent surgery.  I won't try to list everyone who has brightened my day with texts, calls, Facebook messages and tweets, but I appreciate you all. There are, however, three people who warrant special mention.  Jamie Robinson (Springfield), who checked on me and never let me forget that this blog was missed; Marie Allen (Springfield). who shared her own trials and tribulations with me as I shared with her, and who never failed to give me hope; and Susan McBane Tuggle (Quaker Lake) without whom this summer would have been a lot worse than it was. We laughed, cried, prayed and completely forgot that it's been 20 years since we've actually seen each other.  Modern communication is a wonderful thing.  Woo hoo, Susan!  LOL
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think I have ever looked forward to a season of a TV show as much as I look forward to the upcoming final year of How I Met Your Mother!   It will legend...wait for it...dary! 
  • And speaking of TV, is anyone else hooked on Under the Dome? The entire Jones family is! Any guesses as to what the egg is?
  • I had a great lunch this past Wednesday with Todd Willis (FUMC-K), Kristin Willis and  family here in Tampa.  It was great to catch up, talk about life, and introduce the kids to wonders of hushpuppies. Good times!
  • And finally...we currently have a free preview period of XM satellite radio in our car.  I have been listening to the 70's on 7 quite a bit, and have realized that about half of what they play is already on my I-pod. This may be a sign I am getting old. I choose to ignore it!
So that's it for now.  Have a great weekend and let me hear from you!  Be blessed!

Because of Jesus,


  1. And you've already got your swing back! Welcome back CJ!

  2. Thank you. you give me hope as well. what's with the chrysalis on UTD? I know the monarch is significant but how did it get there? Love you.

    1. I guess we will have to wait and find out, Marie. And probably not until next summer! Grrrrr.... Love you too!


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