Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Blog!

On August 26, 2009 I began to dabble with this insignificant little blog that I hoped might help me find distraction (and some daily discipline) through telling my story and the work of amazing grace of Jesus in my life.  For the first 3 + years. a post appeared in this space every day- most of them new, and most of them written by me. I confessed my sins here, shared deep truths here, made fun of things here and just generally provided readers with a large picture window into my life. Most of the stories and surreal tales came from my years in youth ministry, which ended way back in 2007. I thought the strangest days were behind me. I was SOOO wrong! Since Halloween of 2012, my life has been a wild rollercoaster ride, and for the past 3 months I have not posted at all. And I have missed it.

Yesterday this blog turned 4, and thinking bout the past 4 years - the highs, the lows, the ups and the downs- inspired me to return to blogging. My goal once again will be to post every day. To all of you who have been so patient and encouraging during my hiatus, I say a hearty "thank you!"  To those of you who have been been praying for me and my health issues, I cannot fully express my gratitude. I am so blessed in so many ways...

Life is messy. I am coming up on my 54th birthday, and I can tell you that life does NOT get easier as you get older.  I have a number of health issues to battle. Relationships are still complicated. Friendships fluctuate.  I still can't jump.  :)  But there is no doubt in my mind that these struggles are less depressing and less daunting when shared with people I love and who I know care about me. 

So I'm back. Back to share my stories, my insights, my humor, my sorrows, and most importantly, my belief that the love of God whose name is Jesus will never leave nor forsake me- even when it feels like I am all alone. Over the next couple of days I will fill you in on what I was up to during my "vacation." It's been crazy, and I do have some stories to tell.  As usual, stories about real life are both humorous and mind boggling. Once again, all I have to say is- I'd laugh...but all this happened to me!  See you tomorrow.

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous8/27/2013

    Yay glad you're back and you have bad knees so should not jump anyway ;)

  2. Thanks, Mo! It's good to be back!

  3. Thanks, Drew! And really sorry about Matt Harvey...

  4. Congratulations are in order for someone who has blogged each day for almost 4 years. You're good mate because once every 2 weeks is enough for me. Blogging may be fun but it's very hard work putting your thoughts on paper for everyone else to read and comment on, so I'm glad that you lasted this long and regardless to your situations, took the time to step back a little and now you're ready to take the plunge again.

    Life has it's ups and downs, and we have to adjust constantly, sometimes on a daily basis. There's an old saying but I can't remember it properly ' A problem shared is a problem halved'. It helps to talk at times, so I'm hoping that it will give you some sort of comfort too. Take care, and I'm looking forward to popping back again when I can. Stay strong.


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