Thursday, April 14, 2011

CCM Thursday: Audio Adrenaline Top 10

Few bands had the impact on my student ministry that Audio Adrenaline did.  From the minute I heard Big House right up until today, the boys of Audio A have both inspired and entertained me.  At FUMC-K (and other places) we sang Get Down, Hands & Feet and of course Big House in our youth meetings, and Darin Miller did a beautiful acoustic version of Walk On Water in worship there.  Underdog served as an inspiration for some students who were gymnasts at the Union Church of Hinsdale and would listen to the song just before each competition.  We used their great high-energy songs Worldwide and Church Punks as discussion starters at Wesley Memorial UMC, and Blitz was FUMC-K's theme for the rocking summer of 1998.  I can count at least 7 times a group of mine saw them live (they just OWNED Night of Joy), and they NEVER disappointed.  As you can tell, limiting myself to 10 songs from this group will be tough.  But here we go...

10)  Never Gonna' Be As Big As Jesus  (From the album Bloom; 1996)
  9)  Dirty  (From the album Worldwide; 2003)
  8)  Underdog  (From the album Underdog, 1999)
  7)  Good People  (From the album Bloom; 1996)
  6)  Rejoice  (From the album LIFT; 2001)
  5)  Chevette  (From the album Some Kind of Zombie; 1997)
  4)  Get Down  (From the album Underdog; 1999)
  3)  Ocean Floor  (From the album LIFT; 2001)
  2)  Big House  (From the album Don't Censor Me; 1993)
  1)  Hands & Feet  (From the album Underdog; 1999)

So there you have it. I left out some classics, including We're A Band, My GodMighty Good Leader, Beautiful, DC-10 and Leaving 99.  Which of your favs didn't make the list?  Let me hear from you!

Because of Jesus,


  1. Those are all great. My favorite song by A.A was called "Tremble". The first time I heard it was at a MercyMe concert. It was the final tour for AA so they did it as a tribute and I was numb. Incredible song. Sound is terrible on this but you can hear it here -

  2. Aaron, "tremble" should have gotten a mention. Truly a great song. Thanks so much for your input!

  3. I seriously can't imagine my life without AA! Get Down totally makes my day EVERY TIME I hear it. All of your Top 10 entries simply make me happy inside. :)

  4. Glad they bring a smile to your insides, Teresa! :) And just so you know, your comments always bring a smile to my outsides! Miss you!

  5. Anonymous4/14/2011

    You mentioned "Walk on Water" but it did not make the list. That one is my favorite.


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