Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Playlist: Billy Joel

Can't really explain why (well, I could....but you don't really want to know) but this past weekend I found myself setting my iPod to "Billy Joel" and just letting it play. I even bought a few hidden gems I had been missing since the days when I owned most all of his albums. I have been a fan of Billy since the mid 70's, and my wife is one of his biggest fans. I first saw Billy in concert when he was the opening act for The Beach Boys in Greensboro back in 1974. We have seen him numerous times since, including twice in one week in April of 1994 in NC and with Sir Elton John in Chicago in 2001. We love Billy. 

Listening to so many great songs made me wonder if I could possibly narrow the list to a Top 10. It was quickly apparent that the answer was NO. So instead, I set my trusty iPod to shuffle and let it pick 10 great Billy Joel songs for you today. Hope this will bring back some memories for you as well- or send you searching for some great new (to you!) music! Sing us a song Billy- you're the Piano Man!

  1. Matter of Trust (from the album The Bridge)
  2. The Ballad of Billy the Kid (from Piano Man)
  3. The Longest Time (from An Innocent Man)
  4. Entertainer (from Streetlife Serenade)
  5. We Didn't Start the Fire (from Storm Front)
  6. This Night (from An Innocent Man)
  7. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (from The Stranger)
  8. You May Be Right (from Glass Houses)
  9. Just the Way You Are (from The Stranger)
  10. Prelude/Angry Young Man (from Turnstiles)

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  1. Ah, yes, Billy Joel! I grew up listening to him and now my kiddos do. I have always wanted to see him and Elton John in concert together! Thanks for sharing some of your Billy Joel favorites...or shuffle. 😉


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