Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

As many of you know, this blog is currently on hiatus. When I started this break over a month ago, I reserved the right to post on special occasions without jumping back into blogging with both feet. Today is one of those special occasions. In fact, it is a MOST special occasion. Tonight a group of 7 of us are going to the premier of The Force Awakens at 8 pm. Will is here along with Michelle. Lisa Jewett and her son Scott are joining us and so is Michelle's brother Alex. We are all very excited! And THAT is the second most important thing about today...

You see today is Lisa Jewett's birthday. Seeing the movie tonight is only one of the celebrations planned for this weekend (several of them surprises!), and it is my prayer that it will all be amazing for her. Tomorrow she will head to St. Pete to spend the next 8 days with her oldest son and his family, including all 4 of her grandkids. I am so happy she is feeling good and gets that time with those precious children and her son. But we have not often been apart over the past 3 months, and I confess I am going to miss her terribly here at Chez Jones.

It is not unusual for people to say about a dear friend that "they are like part of the family." Lisa is much more than that to us. She IS part of our family. Will calls and texts with her on a regular basis to see how she is doing. Marilyn has welcomed her into our home and helped care for her. I spent 9 days and 8 nights by her side in the hospital after her surgery and have cared for her in our home over the past 28 days- and for many days before that during her chemo treatments. My friends- many of whom have never met her- text me often to inquire how she is feeling. I have made new friends as her friends and family texted me when she was unable to use her phone- and some of them continue to do so! Lisa is family.

As I spent that time with her in the hospital and have driven her to doctor's appointments, chemo treatments and various other things people quite naturally assume that I am her spouse or her boyfriend. When we laugh and reply, "No, we are just best friends" people look at us like we are lying. Nurses at Moffitt Cancer Center pulled me aside and questioned why I was staying with her 24/7 after the surgery, saying that "just friends" never did that- in fact, most families don't. My answer was simple- I stayed because my friend Lisa needed me to, and I am honored that she has trusted me enough to put herself in my care. In truth, I guess in some small way we are lying when we say "just friends." The word FRIEND is not nearly big enough, but our bond is very difficult to put into words. We are OHANA in the best sense of the word, and caring for her has never been a burden. It is a joy, and as I often tell her, a job I refuse to be fired from. She's stuck with me!

So Happy Birthday to my Lisa! I pray your day is filled with joy and peace, and that your weekend will be full of glorious surprises and smiling grandkids. And when you are ready to move back in with us after Christmas to prepare for more chemo, your room will be waiting for you. And so will your family!  We love you very much!!!

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Lisa! I pray she is doing well! I have to admit, I miss being able to find you here (and in my email inbox). Your "comment day" lives on, though, and so I wanted to drop by here, even though I know you are idle, and say, "Hello"! I pray your day is full of light and love and that God blesses you and your Ohana, abundantly, in the new year and always! Much love.


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