Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Chat with Jesus

Want to really understand the Jesus Revolution? Take time today and have a heart to heart chat with Jesus. Sometimes we wonder if God hears us, or if Jesus has time for us. In fact, it's just the opposite. God is waiting to hear from YOU. Jesus is ready to be your friend. You just need to give him your time. Pray to be closer to him. Pray for wisdom and strength to let him be in control in a world that demands that you take the power. Understand that your relationship with Jesus is not based in anything you do, but in his grace and forgiveness. Be WIDE OPEN to not only talking to Jesus, but to listening for "the still, small voice of God" in the silence. Prayer is a conversation. It requires taking time to listen, which in this case means taking time to be quiet. Don't let your prayer time become something you do only at meals or bedtime. I'm guessing you set aside time for exercise, or reading, watching TV or shopping. Shouldn't we be setting aside time for prayer? If we want to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, we need to spend time in prayer. If we want to be part of the Jesus Revolution, we must be connected to Jesus. Not just in an "I go to church" way, but in a "Jesus is my best friend" way. Don't fall into the trap  I was in for a few years. I worked for a church, tried to lead people to Christ, tried to be a spiritual leader- but I lost touch with the Savior. Just like with any other relationship, growing closer with Jesus means spending time together. Go to him. Have a chat with Jesus. He's waiting for you. And be sure to praise God for the blessings you see in your life everyday!

Because of Jesus,

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