Saturday, September 26, 2009

And Another Thing...

This is post number 32 on this blog, which means I have one month down, and 333 more blogs to go to meet my goal of blogging every day for one year. It had been a great experience so far, and here are some things I have learned:

  • I am doing this for myself. If no one else is reading it, it is still worth doing, because it lets me celebrate the people and places that have been so special to me. More importantly, it lets me celebrate what Jesus has done for me!

  • Having said that, it has been so cool to hear from old friends like Jay Osborne, Jay Wilkins, Leigh Ann Venable, Teresa Reep Tysinger, Darek Newby, Brook Teoli Elaine, Laura Wheeler and others. It would be really great to hear from anyone who is reading, so I have added the guestbook feature.

  • It is difficult to keep these posts short. I want to tell the stories in detail so anyone can feel like that they were there. Sometimes, to keep them short enough to read without napping, I have to leave out stuff I really like. For instance, on the post The Asheboro Flash, I left out one of my favorite songwriting stories. Alan Brown and I were crashing at Quaker Lake one night during the "off season" and we started fooling around with new lyrics to the classic Bread tune If. Among the extremely weird lines was "if Kansas declared war on the rest of the United States, they wouldn't have a chance...we've already got them surrounded..." What a shame that song was never finished, huh?

  • I really thought this would be about telling funny stories, but it is really more about what Jesus has done in my life and how He has used others to help me along the way. The Gospel is a narrative that plays out in each of our lives, and that story is really the only story worth telling!

  • You may have noticed that all of the posts so far are from a very long time ago. I intend to stay chronological, moving from one era to another whenever the time seems right. So New England, Springfield, Kissimmee, Hinsdale, Tampa and Waycross, your time is coming- sometime in the next 333 posts!

So that's how I see things so far. It's been a blast so far, and I look forward to seeing what is still to come. And by the way- I think the best post so far was written by my dog, Conner. Life sure keeps me humble...

Because of Jesus,

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