Monday, August 31, 2009

"I've Got This..."

During the late 70's and early 80's I would work at New Garden Friends Meeting during the school year and at Quaker Lake during the summer, but would always find time to take the New Garden group to Myrtle Beach for a few days. We would camp in those days (actual tents!) and it was always lots of fun. I don't remember the specific year, but one of those trips was the scene of one of my favorite stories.

One night a group of us had gone for a walk on the beach and found ourselves down by the Ocean Drive Pier (since destroyed by a hurricane). The beach end of the pier had a bait shop, a small restaurant and an arcade. Several of the guys decided to hit the arcade, and I went with them. These were mostly high school guys and included a kid named Bruce, an outstanding athlete and all-around ladies man. As we walked in the front door, Bruce and the others stopped and began to whisper to each other. Across the room at one of the arcade games was a blonde girl about their age, and she was gorgeous! They stood and discussed which of them was going to approach her and if any any of them actually stood a chance with her- she seemed to be out of their league. Bruce, of course, was quite certain that she would be unable to resist his charms! He was getting ready to walk over. She turned so we could see her face better and their excitement rose, while I began to laugh inside. I knew her- Sonya Hunsucker from Quaker Lake. She had been a camper and her little brother had been in my cabin just weeks before. So as my guys drooled, I stepped in front of Bruce and said "Don't worry about it guys. I've got this..." I strolled across the room until I caught her eye and she smiled at me. I then said something like "hi there" and walked straight to her, where she gave me a big hug. I whispered in her ear what was going on, and that she should come outside in a few minutes to help me finish the gag. She stepped back, gave me another hug and a kiss on the cheek, and said very loudly "OK cool, I'll meet you outside." I walked back towards my guys, their mouths hanging open. Bruce was in hysterics. He demanded to know what was going on. I told them to go out on the pier, that she was coming out to meet them. We walked out, and she joined us shortly. And she played it to the hilt. I asked her name, and she told me and then I made introductions. Then as the guys began to talk to her, she turned away from them and asked me if we could go somewhere and talk. Again, mouths were hanging open all around! As we started to walk away (holding hands, of course!) I couldn't keep a straight face any longer. I burst out laughing and so did Sonya. We let the guys in on the joke and they could not believe what we had done! Bruce told me later that he convinced that he had been under-estimating my charm, and that I was the man! Turns out it was just a lucky coincidence, but it certainly was fun- and it took my relationship with those guys to a whole new level.

Following Jesus is all about LIFE TOGETHER, living life with Jesus and with His followers. Making memories, having fun and loving each other are all apart of the journey. Thank you, Sonya, where ever you may be, for being a lasting memory for all of us!

Because of Jesus,

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