My Journey

I am a husband, father and follower of Jesus. I was blessed to know so many wonderful people through my 28 years in student ministry, and I am so blessed to have connected with so many people through this blog and Twitter.  I am thankful for the many kind words so many of you have written about me.  But I am a long way from perfect.  The story of my struggle can be found in the following 3 posts:

* Encounters With God: My Own Story
* Confession
* "You Ordered A Mess & You Got A Mess..."

I wound up spending 49 days in the Ware County Jail in the Spring of 2007.  It was an awful time in many ways, but it was also a time when God revealed to me what GRACE is really all about.  Those stories can be found below:

*  49 Days of Grace
*  It Was Just So Cold
*  Alone & Clueless
*  A Day In the Life
*  "I Lost My Face!"
*  Billy
*  "Smith"
*  Freedom! (Sort of...)

In the years since that time my life has changed in so many ways, but God has been ever faithful. Here a few more recent posts on my personal journey.

* What I Did On My November Vacation (2012)
* Being Me
* Identified
* I Am a Pacifist
* A Time To Rest
* The Ballad of 7 Toe Jones
* So Blessed...
* To Whom It May Concern (Banned From WDW)
* 8 Years Later

Looking back, here's what my probation experience- and life living on The List- has been like.

It Was One Year Ago Today... 
Probation Frustration - 
"This Now Defines You" 
The Song That Never Ends